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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a notice to appear in court. What should I do?
Usually, a person charged with a summary conviction offence is not arrested, but given a notice to appear in court (Small Claims Court Ottawa) on a certain date at a certain time. In Canada summary offences are usually referred to as summary conviction offences. Summary conviction offences are considered less serious than indictable offences because… read more, click here.
Want to seize a Bank account or garnish wages?
So you won a judgement and you want your money. The easiest way is to call Shaw Legal Service for NO OBLIGATION, no-charge consultation and let the professionals turn your court order into cash. Shaw Legal Service has been extremely successful in obtaining judgment in civil suits and in debt recovery for clients along with unprecedented amounts of claim amounts in Small Claims Court Ottawa. Read more.
How do I take someone to court?
There are many reasons why people file a law suit against another party or business. Perhaps a contractor has taken advantage of a client by over charging or trying to pass substandard workmanship or materials. Maybe a vehicle has not been properly repaired or a product has been misrepresented. Or if money has been extended in the format of a loan and suddenly the person receiving the benefit of the funds no longer chooses to honour the repayment agreement. Whatever the case may be that you decide to start a proceeding, know exactly why you are starting and let Shaw Legal Service build your case effectively and professionally. Many people start an action for the wrong reasons such as… read more, click here.
I am being sued. What should I do?

What People Are Saying About Shaw Legal Service

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We had nothing but nonsense with our bank and the realtor when we tried to by a new house. We were supposedly approved, sold our existing house only to find that we were not approved after the fact. In short, we were now homeless! Keith went to work in getting our money back from all of the costs that we had to spend out of pocket. It was a stressful grind that I wish we could have avoided. Never the less, Keith stayed right on top of it and fought to the finish keeping us well informed every step of the way. I the end we were made whole. At least we got all of our money back. It was a pleasure to work with you Keith and your team at Shaw Legal Service. Many thanks. Enjoy the scotch.

Tony and June D.

The neighbor’s tree crashed down onto my property damaging my house and landscaping, to which, they refused to pay for. Oh was this a dragged out fight! I was in awe as to the amount of documents and paperwork this matter generated. This went all the way to a three-day trial. Mr. Shaw was very effective in court. So much so that at the end the judge congratulated him on how well I was represented. The majority of my claim was awarded but I have to say, the stress of it all at 72 was too much for me to go through again. Many thanks for a job well done and thanks for sticking with me.

Shirley W.

Dear Keith, Just want to take a moment to send this email to you so that anyone else in need of a paralegal will understand my experience with you. Several weeks ago I contacted you and much to my surprise I received an immediate reply. That was a great beginning… Warm regards,

Ron C.

I would like to say that Keith Shaw fought for me relentlessly, I honestly would have never come to an agreement if it weren’t for Keith Shaw. He fought like a Lion, non-stop even when I could not take it any more… You did an amazing job,

Sarmad B.

I would like to say that Keith Shaw fought for me relentlessly, I honestly would have never come to an agreement if it weren’t for Keith Shaw. He fought like a Lion, non-stop even when I could not take it any more… You did an amazing job,

Sarmad B.

Thanks Keith, I hate going to the LTB. It was such a treat to just hand you the file and you took care of everything without me having to even walk into the place…

Jarek D.

Just a few words to let you know how much we have appreciated the invaluable legal advice and services you provided us with over the last 18 months. Last year, we found ourselves to be the victims of a dishonest and unscrupulous contractor, who robbed us of time and money while filled our days with a mix of anger, anxiety and depression…

Guy & Meredith C.

For all the right reasons, Shaw Legal Service is the Licensed Paralegal Firm you need for your legal success. Looking back, most will say it was a positive experience. How about you? Why not give us a try. That way you too will look back with confidence knowing you saved time, effort, stress and your hard earned money.

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