Managing Client Expectations

Very often in litigation, clients have unrealistic expectations. Some have the thought that just because they have retained professional legal representation that they automatically win their matter. Such is not necessarily the case. There are so many variables when a matter goes to court. The most important one is the real truth. As the bench […]

What is Small Claims Court?  

If you’re involved in a civil dispute in Ontario and are considering making a claim in Small Claims Court, you should first know the basics about the system and how it works. Here we provide the essential facts that every citizen should read before engaging in a claim.   What Can You Claim? The Small […]

Understanding Small Claims Court Procedures

If you’re considering processing a claim in the Small Claims Court you should brush up on the court procedures that are involved. Here we outline everything you need to know to submit your own claim and the necessary steps that will guide you through the process.   The Claim When looking to start the claim […]

Can You Sue for a Workplace Injury?

In Ontario, most accidents that happen on the job can’t result in a lawsuit. This is because most accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases are covered by worker’s compensation benefits. But you can sue for accidents outside of that scope. Even though a worker’s ability to sue their employer is limited in nature, you can initiate […]

Collecting the Monetary Award After a Case

Collecting the monetary award isn’t as straight cut as you may think. Even though you may have won in Small Claims Court, you still need to collect your judgment. Many people don’t know how to obtain the money and it may not be as easy as you thought to get the other party to pay […]