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At Shaw Legal Services we take pride in Results. We are very proud of our excellent track record when it comes to delivering positive outcomes to legal situations that seemed difficult if not down-right impossible on day one. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. As with all our clients, we walk everyone through each step of the way in counseling them as to what to expect and to what is going to happen.  This reduces worry and stress, allowing them to focus on their business and other important things that we all have to deal with. At Shaw Legal Service we push ahead with confidence, diligence and procedures that garner results, our clients love us for it!

We had nothing but nonsense with our bank and the realtor when we tried to by a new house. We were supposedly approved, sold our existing house only to find that we were not approved after the fact. In short, we were now homeless! Keith went to work in getting our money back from all of the costs that we had to spend out of pocket. It was a stressful grind that I wish we could have avoided. Never the less, Keith stayed right on top of it and fought to the finish keeping us well informed every step of the way. I the end we were made whole. At least we got all of our money back. It was a pleasure to work with you Keith and your team at Shaw Legal Service. Many thanks. Enjoy the scotch.

Tony and June D.

Hi Keith,

I can’t thank you enough for helping me successfully recover my rather substantial unpaid invoices. My client was notorious for laughing in the face of anyone who had the misfortune of doing business with him. He simply refused to pay. This was a difficult situation and you assured me during our first conversation that you would be successful if I was willing to take the necessary steps. I knew I would never receive payment without drastic measures. You walked me through each step and explained all of my options as we went through the process, always keeping in close contact with me which was very much appreciated.

You were always one step ahead of my client so that he finally had to sit up and take notice. I applaud your creativeness. I knew that I had hired the right legal professional and that he had met his match when he called me to say that “Keith Shaw is a beast… animal, please… I don’t want to deal with him any more!” Needless to say, you were successful in getting me every cent that was owed, plus interest and damages. Very impressive. For that I am so grateful.

I highly recommend you to anyone who would like to work with a gentleman that is professional, articulate and gets the job done as promised! Beth C.

We have all heard the expression “You can’t fight City Hall.” Well Keith did on my behalf and got me a cash settlement. Great job!

Thanks Keith. Lyn S.

You fixed my snow plowing contractor with only a demand letter… very impressive! Carole P.

It is with heart-swelling joy that I must thank you for everything you have done while a tenant from hell destroyed our property and tried to destroy our lives.

First for your thoroughness in leaving no stone unturned in every area possible. Second for your patience and kindness in how you handled us, even making us laugh out loud on stressful days. And lastly how strong you fight for people. Our case was very difficult. Our tenant was so evil that the short tenancy involved fraud, the police, the city, etc. An absolute nightmare. Not only did you get our insurance to cover the costs, but you helped get the perpetrator behind bars, where he belongs. He finally has the free rent he fought so hard for.
Thank you SO much!

Sincerely, Christine D.

Hi Keith
I just want to apologize for my anger. I have had a chance to think and see exactly what you meant. Driving a motorcycle without insurance and getting into an accident, being charged, paying the fines then being sued by her insurance company when none of it was my fault really made me mad. I see it all though your eyes now and you were right. Thanks for being there and getting me through all of this, negotiating the price saving me 2,000.00 and most important, keeping my license. Tough love and really tough lessons. Now that I have calmed down I see how hard you fought for me and did a lot better than I expected. You were right. At least I can still drive to work.
Thanks again.
Jessie K. Jessie K.

Thank you so much Keith, you did a great job.
I just have to shake my head after tracking this guy, skip tracing him, finding everything then catching up and bringing him to court guilty as sin, caught red handed he can still just go bankrupt and walk away laughing. There is something terribly wrong with our legal system.
Thanks again for all that you did and in explaining the system and possible outcomes. I rolled the dice, you won the day and the slippery bastard still got away.
Lessons learned.
Thanks again.
Rashid H. Rashid H.

Hi Keith
I just read some of your client testimonials. Very impressive! I agree you did a good job against me with the LTB. I guess I should have had you on my side. Anyway, I just wondered if you had mentioned to that it would be gentlemanly of him to pay me what he owes me. I want to send a message to the judge and let him know that I have been fairly compensated. I expect you remember that he asked me to do that after I received any money. I also wanted to let you know that other guests at mentioned after the tribunal, that the rooms I occupied were once again rented out about a week after I vacated. Too bad I hadn’t known that at the time of the hearing. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to rent a room to two different parties at the same time! I will not be contacting him . He can send compensation by etransfer or mail a cheque to my address. He mentioned Karma in one of his emails to me. I wonder how that’s working for him? I also want to let you know that I understand that you were just doing your job. I went to the tribunal blindly believing in Truth. You did a remarkable and efficient job against me while remaining a pure gentleman in doing so. I just wanted to let you know that even though I lost, I have respect for the job you did for that #$%^&*g ingrate.

Sharon D.

Am always impressed with Keith’s knowledge, accountability and capabilities. As a landlord I have had a share of the good, bad and ugly tenants and thank goodness only about 10% have proved to be the latter type.

I have used Shaw Legal Service because this firm has a very successful track record of tracking delinquent tenants including those few that skip to hide.

My other reason for recommending this firm is that they will not get into a conflict of interest by sitting on both sides of the fence by also representing tenants. That is a most important aspect to consider.

Keith, as the principal of this firm, is a very astute and bright person with years of factual and focused attention to detail.

He comes very quickly to a conclusion of what will, what might and what will not work and will not transgress outside of this mental integrity to just make money.

That in itself is a rare quality in today’s world.

If you, as a Landlord, decided to retain this firm then, IMHO, you will not regret your decision. Peter L,

Business Coach

The neighbor’s tree crashed down onto my property damaging my house and landscaping, to which, they refused to pay for. Oh was this a dragged out fight! I was in awe as to the amount of documents and paperwork this matter generated. This went all the way to a three-day trial. Mr. Shaw was very effective in court. So much so that at the end the judge congratulated him on how well I was represented. The majority of my claim was awarded but I have to say, the stress of it all at 72 was too much for me to go through again. Many thanks for a job well done and thanks for sticking with me.

Shirley W.

Facing dangerous driving, losing my license, my job and my mind along with a $5,000.00 fine. I have no idea how you managed to have all charges dropped and no fine but I don’t care. You saved my life! Thank you so much! I will refer everyone directly to you. This is a wonderful day! Thanks Keith! You are the best! Tony S.

Good morning!!!!

I can’t help but to feel that I have not thanked you enough for what you have accomplished this past month. I waited so long for this moment however it feels surreal. By the time I got home from court yesterday I found myself physically and emotionally exhausted.

I owe you an apology.  I am loyal to a fault, reason I say this is that I recall our conversation way back when I approached you at POA court and introduced myself.  When I mentioned that I had just hired a different paralegal firm to deal with my civil matter you warned me what to expect from them.  Knowing what I know, I wish I had of listened to you. That would have saved me so much time and money. They were not able to produce any quantifiable results at all but they did manage to take my money. What is done is done however you now have a loyal customer in me and I will be happy to refer your services to any and all of my family and associates.

You on the other hand tracked him down even when his family members lied about his where abouts and tried to hide him. I now know what skip tracing is. I was so discouraged but you never stopped. You just kept searching and investigating new leads until you found him, served him and dragged him back into court in front of a judge. I was truly amazed at how you did this. You managed to get a court order for him to repay me the $7,000.00 he owes along with interest.

Robert may have seen the light but his habit is running from responsibility when things become difficult no matter the consequences. I just don’t trust him. When the time comes and you are willing to take on the case again, I will be more than happy to pay your appropriate fees and drag him back to court for contempt.

Thank you thank you thank you……   Heading out of town this morning so on my return I will post on your website my unbelievable experience with my dealings with you.

Sincerely, Jacqueline C.

Thanks Keith! Great job! I owe you one! All the best. Christian M.

Hi Keith
WOW! That was stressful at first but you were never phased at all! Up against the heavy priced uptown law firms made me very nervous. I was so impressed as you never flinched or gave them an inch no matter how many tactics they tried to intimidate you with. You were so honest and to the point in not giving our matter even a 50% chance of winning due to the circumstances and the actions that had been taken. We were really exposed to a $25,000.00 plus judgement at the settlement conference for wrongful dismissal. You just kept pounding away wearing them down till finally they readily admitted you had their respect. To walk out of there with a settlement payment of $3,000.00 without the need of a long drawn out trial was amazing! You took it to them and they listened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now know the value of a good paralegal and there is only one to go to. Hopefully I won’t have the need but if it should happen to come, I won’t hesitate to call you again and refer friends and associates directly to you.
Thank you so much again.
Martin S. Martin S.

I would like to say that Keith Shaw fought for me relentlessly, I honestly would have never come to an agreement if it weren’t for Keith Shaw.
He fought like a Lion, non-stop even when I could not take it any more. My Small Claim’s matter didn’t even see trial because of his knowledge of the court system,the law and I got my money! Exactly what I was going after. You were the voice of reason when they just didn’t want to be reasonable. I honestly want to thank you and I will refer you to anyone who has any legal issues.
You did an amazing job!

Sarmad B. Sarmad B.

Thanks Keith
I hate going to the LTB. It was such a treat to just hand you the file and you took care of everything without me having to even walk into the place. You put the boots to them and got them out of my building and all it cost me was 140.00 when I was looking at almost 3,000.00.
Good job.
I will be in touch for all of them as they come up.
Jarek D. Jarek D.

Dear Keith,

Just a few words to let you know how much we have appreciated the invaluable legal advice and services you provided us with over the last 18 months. Last year, we found ourselves to be the victims of a dishonest and unscrupulous contractor, who robbed us of time and money while filled our days with a mix of anger, anxiety and depression. Friends, the legal system, law enforcement, acquaintances, professional bodies all proclaimed that there was nothing we could do, no way we would ever see a nickel of compensation or a morsel of justice. Then a knight in shining armor rode to our rescue. (Mind you, he was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but, what the heck…) You were that knight, and you gave us hope and you delivered as promised! Your knowledge of the legal system, your unflinching optimism, your quiet determination, your tenacity, your ready accessibility saved our sanity. You proved to us that it actually is possible to get ‘blood out of a stone’. We now enjoy some measure of closure and can carry on with our lives while he is making monthly payments that nobody believed that we would ever see, us included! From the bottom of our (senior citizen) hearts, we say, “Thank You Very Much!”

Guy & Meredith C.

Thank you so much Keith.

You really put the boots to them for us! I am most grateful. To come out without owning a dime and now having two new furnaces and two new water heaters is beyond belief! I know that you could have gone after them for so much more and the Judge was totally on board with you. Our nerves could not sustain any more. Thank you so much for listening and taking our wishes into consideration, not just the Adrenalin of winning big. I am so grateful that we went with you. You are a true gentleman and will always be in our prayers. Ahmed A.

What a nightmare I was in. We really had some moments didn’t we? I was so impressed how you skillfully turned my Small Claims maximum $25,000.00 claim into a judgement of $46,839.23. I have no idea how this was accomplished but I have to tell you Keith, I was blown away when the final numbers were calculated. I know that we now have to go on and collect the funds but what an impressive display of knowledge and skill you showed in court. Well done! Many thanks! Now let’s go get my money!! Garry D.

Three other downtown lawyers took my money and did nothing. After cashing the cheque, they even had the nerve to tell me that I had no case and that I should withdraw. I was seriously doubting everything until I met you. Thanks for sticking with it. Your depth and knowledge of the court system is amazing! I just sat back and you did it all. I am really happy with the cash settlement you got for me when the high price bandits took my money and told me to withdraw. I have sent another guy from my class to you. Hope it works out.

Thanks again! Ricky L.

“WOW! I can’t believe you did it! I didn’t think we would have got a dime out of them. I will be calling you with all of my over due accounts and recommending you to family, friends and colleges. Thank you.” Mark B.

Hey Keith! I am so happy how things turned out. I can’t tell you the relief I am feeling! I know that I was a pain but thanks for hanging in. No jail time, my license fully restored and a small fine? How did you do it? I am sending you two other guys with similar problems next week. You were worth every penny! Simeion W.

Dear Keith
Just want to take a moment to send this email to you so that anyone else in need of a paralegal will understand my experience with you. Several weeks ago I contacted you and much to my surprise I received an immediate reply. That was a great beginning. I explained and you listened to my situation. You made me feel very comfortable so a meeting was set up. When I met with you, again listened and made solid suggestions on how to move forward. You did not push me or even discuss money at the time. I liked that. I was given a chance to really think it over clearly then to give you a call. After speaking with my wife I decided to hire you.
You were very fair in my opinion, on the agreed price to represent me in court that took a lot of the pressure I was being consumed by off of me. At the hearing, the matter went exactly as you had predicted and the greedy plaintiff ended up with nothing. Bravo!
I am so grateful to you for all of your help and guidance. I suggest that to anyone in need of good representation to meet with you. They will readily see why Mr. Shaw is recognized as one of the best paralegals in the business.

Warm regards

Ron C. Ron C.

Our experience with Shaw Legal Services was GREAT. Keith and Holly were very helpful. They explained all of our options and allowed us to make our own decisions based on their professionals. We were kept informed in a timely manner and all went well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a knowledgeable legal team. Thanks again for everything. Natalie Bondy

Keith helped me work though a difficult legal problem, one which required putting together a defence, making an amendment to that defense, and ultimately also representing my company in court.

We spent many hours together, working on preparing for the court date.

He made himself available, by phone, email, and in person, as needed, to make sure I wasn’t unprepared.

While we await the judge’s verdict, I have to say, I am grateful to Keith for his representation, his efforts, his experience, all of which he put at my disposal to help resolve this issue. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his service to anyone. Thank, Keith! AndrisLukss

I fell victim to one of the furnace/AC/HVAC scams that have become rampant in southern Ontario, and Keith has worked tirelessly and gone above and beyond in working towards reaching a settlement for me. His legal knowledge, experience, persistence, and negotiating skills have been invaluable! If you have been scammed or taken advantage of, Shaw Legal Service will do everything possible to get you a fair resolution. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal consultation or representation for small claims court or civil litigation. Thank you, Keith and Holly! David Ginsberg

We use Shaw Legal Service for many years.

Keith is knowledgeable, responsible, polite person. He always helps us to make a right decision. Thank you, Keith! Svetlana Theilman

Keith has won 100% of our cases for our business, out of court. He is a Doberman with a diamond necklace. Will eat alive every obstacle in your path. Doval Automotive

My company G Lalonde Inc.has used Shaw Legal Service twice.The last time was a demand letter and client paid within the 14 days stated in the letter.I would recommend Shaw Legal Service for all legal problem’s.Geoff G Lalonde Inc.

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