Do You Have a Problem Tenant?

Do You Have a Problem Tenant?

When you own a rental property with tenants, it’s extremely important to know your rights as a landlord. There are many ins and outs when it comes to Ontario law concerning property management and landlord/tenant relationships, so knowing where you stand can help when it comes to dealing with problem tenants. Here we break down why hiring a paralegal should be your first line of defense in many tenant issues and what to do when you believe you have a problem tenant on your hands.


If you’re engaged in a tenant dispute and it doesn’t look like there’ll be an easy or negotiable solution, you should immediately reach out to a paralegal. They have the legal professionals and knowledge that you’ll need should the dispute become anything further than a simple disagreement.

Unpaid Rent

You have rights when your tenants are in arrears. Lost revenue from late or otherwise missed payments, or from tenants that have left without notice, can be reclaimed. A paralegal can take the proceeding before the tribunal and argue your case based on the law much easier than you can.


You know you have a problem tenant on your hands when you begin to see and also hear damages being caused to the unit. You don’t have to wait until the lease is up, or until thousands of dollars in damages have been made. You can simply meet with a paralegal who knows not only the law surrounding such actions, but also who you’ll need to involve to estimate and calculate the losses.


When a situation with your tenant has come to a point that you need to evict them, you should get the appropriate legal advice before proceeding. There are various rules that you’ll need to follow in order to prove that the tenant has breached the rental contract. This also involves applying to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), which can be much easier navigated by a paralegal.

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