Door to Door Sales is no longer Legal

Have you ever had someone come to your door trying to sell you something? For decades, the Fuller Brush Company only sold their products door to door. The same with companies such as Electrolux and the Encyclopedia Britannica. Even though you may or may not have needed these products, it was your prerogative to accept or reject their offer to treat. Just about every Baby Boomer has a memory of purchasing something on impulse at their door.

Times have dramatically changed.

We have entered into a world of con artists and charlatans preying on unsuspecting homeowners with new furnaces, air conditioners, air purifiers, water treatment units, HIPPA Filters along with Google Home units and so many others.

The scam goes something like this. A sales representative presents themselves at the front door offering a free product, not to sell anything. In most cases as of late, the gift was a programmable thermostat, asking if the homeowner would like to take advantage of this free offer. Obviously, they say yes.

Once inside the home, a series of qualifying statements are spoken such as “did you know how polluted your water supply really is?” The tactic here is to shock or scare the homeowner into a conversation regarding the quality, or lack of, water that they and their family are ingesting on a daily basis.

The conversation then shifts to installing a HIPPA Filter to remove all contaminants from their water supply. Promises are made of huge cost reductions, government grant rebates with ongoing reductions in service costs plus whiter laundry.

The offers vary as to how much savings or if there is to be any kind of payment at all from the homeowner, just as long as you sign here, right now as this is the only time that you will be able to take advantage of the savings and whiter wash. Just sign here.

The fine print on the contract is an eight sized font, smaller than the standard of the Consumer Protection Act of 10, nearly impossible to read with anything but exceptional vision.

The main and most damaging nondisclosed detail is the clause where the agency will sell the contract to a finance company and that the finance company will attach a lien to the property for the full amount of the contract if it went to fruition. Usually in excess of $20.000.00 for a product that retails for $1,200.00.

This type of guerrilla tactic is illegal with new legislation out lawing these types of door to door sales practises.

Shaw Legal Service has sued these nefarious companies dozens of times over the last few years as this type of scan is on the rise.

If you or someone you know has been accosted and or victimized by this type of action, call us right away. We can help deal with these reprobates in having your money returned and the most important action, having the lien removed from your property as you will not be able to refinance or sell your property if it has not been properly dealt with.

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