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If you are a landlord and in need of landlord legal advice now for Ottawa Small Claims Court, call Shaw Legal Service 613-612-2911 or contact us online to start the discussion. There is no-charge and no-obligation for this consultation call. Connect now to start the discussion and save yourself time, frustration, stress and money.

As a Licensed Paralegal firm in Ottawa, Shaw Legal Service provides the legal professionals and knowledge to guide you carefully through the twists and turns of the Ontario Small Claims court system.

Landlord Legal Advice:

“A tenant from hell destroyed our property and tried to destroy our lives…”

Landlords, do you need answers to questions about Landlord and Tenant law? Whether it is a simple landlord tenant dispute gone awry or just cause for evicting a tenant, YOU SHOULD GET APPROPRIATE LANDLORD LEGAL ADVICE BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION. Read what clients say about Shaw Legal Services, click here.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Don’t let unresolved landlord and tenant disputes get you frustrated. Problem tenants can cause serious damage to property let alone cause thousands of dollars in lost revenue from delinquent rental payments and lost new tenants. Give your tenant woes to Shaw Legal Service in taking them before the tribunal implementing eviction proceedings and costs due to unpaid rent.

Ottawa Small Claims Court

For Ottawa Small Claims Court proceedings, Landlord and Tenant issues, and Legal Research, Shaw provides you landlord legal advice, represents you in a proceeding related to your matter, drafts and provides the necessary paperwork, provides research and negotiates on your behalf. For all the right reasons, you can learn to count on Shaw Legal Service to protect your future today. Call 613-612-2911 for a no-charge, no-obligation consultation fill out the form below.

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