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Demand Letter

Once in a while, people become defensive for so many reasons when in essence, all they really need is the thought process of litigation for them to relax their stance and return to their senses. Shaw Legal Service has been very successful in assisting clients with well worded legal notices or letters called a Demand Letter.

A Demand Letter is a useful tool in circumventing the litigation process in reaching people who might only require a clear and concise look into the future of litigation in bringing them to the realization that litigation may not be a place where they would choose to go due to cost, the stress and the time that the legal process can consume. A properly worded Demand Letter may be a viable alternative to reach reasonable people in bringing their attention to possibilities while offering a one time, painless solution to an existing conflict. Let Shaw Legal Service show you how this can be accomplished.

Letter of Notice

A letter of notice is exactly what the name implies: It is written to someone putting them on notice to change a way that they may be conducting themselves or some other facet of action or business. In a fairly strong but direct way, a Letter of Notice gives instruction of what needs to be modified in successfully and acceptably altering the behavior that is causing the need of notice, why it needs to be changed or modified and what will happen if the behavior should continue. In short, it puts a person or business on notice to make the requisite modifications or consequences will follow. Shaw Legal Service can professionally prepare and deliver a Letter of Notice for you.

Letter of Consent for non Parental Custody Children to Travel Outside of the Country

In today’s blended families it is necessary for parents not living with their children to be kept in the loop of their children’s activities and out of country travel. Shaw Legal Service will draft the documents required for Boarder Services and commission the Documents between the parents so that cross board travel is seamless, rewarding and enjoyable without added stress and rejection when trying to cross the boarder.

Additional Legal Services

Shaw Legal Services has hands on experience in:

  • Land and Deed Title Searches
  • Wrongful Dismissal Claims
  • Ontario Tribunal Representation
  • WSIB matters
  • Employment Contract Review

Landlord Tenant Review Board

Shaw Legal Service represents Land Lords only within the LTB. Problem tenants can cause serious damage to a property let alone thousands of dollars in lost revenue from delinquent rental payments and lost new tenants. Give your tenant woes to Shaw Legal Service in taking them before the tribunal implementing eviction proceedings and costs due to unpaid rent.

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