Personal Injury

A personal injury can be a dramatic and frustrating experience, not limited merely to the victims themselves. Families and loved ones may have to step in to provide financial restitution to cover the costs associated with tending to and mending those who have been directly injured. Surgery, prescription, recovery, and rehabilitation-associated expenses can add up, severely damaging an entire family’s financial stability and credit rating within little time depending on the severity of a victim’s injury. Combined with the injured individual’s possible inability to return to work and generate income, this can be a recipe for disaster. In some cases, income may never be regained and individuals may suffer long-term mental, physical, and financial damages as a result of the negligence of those responsible for their injury.

Putting these circumstances into perspective, it is easy to see why injured individuals, their loved ones, and families come forward to pursue legal action in search of compensation for time, energy, and emotional suffrage in addition to the vast expenses that can add up depending on the severity of an injury resulting from the negligence of others. By carrying out a litigation process with evidence and accurate information in search of financial restitution, liable parties can be held legally responsible for their actions (or inaction) in a court of law. This may result in them being required to partially or completely reimburse for financial, emotional, and physical suffrage inflicted due to their negligence.

By reaching out to Shaw Legal Service, you are enabling an opportunity to better your chances of presenting a successful claim. As an Ottawa paralegal firm highly knowledgeable of civil litigation and personal injury claims, we employ a team of skilled legal professionals that operate on a no-charge, no-obligation consultation basis. Our professionals will sit and discuss your claim and viable options with you, working to build a strong and effective case against those responsible for damaging your life and those of your loved ones.

Shaw Legal Service is here to help clients at the Superior Court of Justice Level and on into Civil Court with its affiliates. We operate to protect those deserving of financial restitution who have been wronged by negligent individuals or businesses, and we treat personal injury claims with the decorum and gravity that they deserve.

If you have been injured in any type of work related or motor vehicle accident, call the professionals at Shaw Legal Service to get you back on your feet and fight for your rights.

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