Wrongful Dismissal

Every Canadian has the right to be treated fairly in the workplace. At Shaw Legal Service, we have dedicated members of our practice who are professionally equipped to represent you in your wrongful dismissal case.

With our extensive legal experience, Shaw Legal Service has the professionals to confidently represent your wrongful dismissal case. We are devoted to ensuring that all of our clients receive the compensation they may be rightfully owed.

The Law is on Your Side

In any situation where a person has suffered a loss of wages and improper compensation upon termination, time is of the essence. The bills do not stop coming in when wrongful dismissal occurs. Everyone has the right to earn a living wage and to be treated fairly. We approach every case involving wrongful dismissal with the utmost care and consideration.

If a former employer has treated you unfairly resulting in the termination of your employment for reasons you believe to be illegal or unjust, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. Depending on your situation you could be entitled to compensation due to lost wages, a breach of contract, or severance withheld. Understand your position and let us look at a solution together putting your mind at ease. You will be happy you did.

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